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Frequent questions

What is Hair Fiber Plus? Hair Fiber Plus is made up of keratin, the same organic protein that makes up hair. Keratin comes from a natural source of wool, which is the closest to human hair.

IF IT BEGINS TO RAIN, DOES Hair Fiber Plus STAY ON THE HAIR? Hair Fiber Plus is resistant to wind, rain and sweat. For a perfect hold, use the Hair Fiber Plus Fixator

DOES HAIR FIBER PLUS HAVE A NEGATIVE AFFECT ON HAIR GROWTH? Hair Fiber Plus does not affect hair growth. Natural keratin fibers do not clog pores and do not affect the condition of the skin, without damaging it.

WHAT IS THE LIFE OF HAIR FIBER PLUS FIBERS? The Hair Fiber Plus fibers remain on the hair for 4 to 5 days, until a shampoo is made. The fibers can shift over the course of the week, but they can be easily rearranged or added.

CAN I USE HAIR FIBER PLUS WITH A HAIR DRYER OR OTHER KINDS OF HAIR TOOLS? Yes, however, it is RECOMMENDED to apply Hair Fiber Plus only after using any type of accessory, from styling to the hairdryer, straightener and curling iron.

THE SPRAY APPLICATOR IS NO LONGER WORKING. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Remove the Spray Applicator from the Hair Fiber Plus bottle and rinse it inside and out under running water. Let it dry and put it back on the bottle. If this does not work and therefore no longer sheds the fibers, please contact Customer Service.

CAN IT ALSO BE USED ON COMPLETELY HAIR-FREE AREAS? No, in order for Hair Fiber Plus to be effective, a minimum of hair must be present.

CAN I PERFORM PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES WITH HAIR FIBER PLUS? Absolutely Yes, it is highly recommended to use our fixative spray to ensure that none of the Hari Fiber Plus fibers fall out.

WHAT KIND OF SHAMPOO SHOULD BE USED TO REMOVE HAIR FIBER PLUS? You don't need a particular shampoo, any shampoo on the market can remove our fibers.

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